Joan Prowse

About Joan Prowse

Welcome, I'm Joan Moncrieffe (aka Prowse), a Devon based artist and designer – maker. Originally having graduated with a degree in Three-dimensional design specialising in furniture designer-making, my passion for working three dimensionally continued as I explored various media and became an illustrator and freelance artist. Having spent several years working and living in France, I returned to the county of Devon to settle and continued to exhibit and work as a commissioned artist. For the last 9 years I have been concentrating on developing textile work and have become a leading international needle felting artist and tutor giving masterclasses both virtually and in person to people from all over the world. My aim as an artist is to create works that both reflect and tap in to the beauty of the creation that surrounds us and I draw deeply from my faith as a Christian. I am constantly seeking to explore new ways of combining media to push the boundaries of what is traditionally accepted as art, and I especially like to elevate the status of needle felting from craft into an artform. Do take time to explore my site and follow my facebook page which has updates on work in progress and up to date info on upcoming specialised workshops and masterclasses.

Selected works are availble for sale through the

I hope my work succeeds in inspiring you to create your own or perhaps to commission me to create a work for you? If so, do get in touch and I will be happy to discuss your needs without any obligation.

As mentioned, I am also a designer and have designed and produced a magnetic visual planning system called Pictaplan that you can take a look at . Each of the 120+ magnetic cards in the system has been created from images all hand-drawn by myself.

Stay safe and be blessed,

Best Wishes, Joan Prowse